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A Story of Giving Back: Louies Trust's Impactful Journey

In the later months of 2023, my partner and I embarked on the journey of creating Louies Trust, inspired by the incredible journey we shared when our son, Louie, found his way to The Great North Children’s Hospital. Those initial days at the hospital were a whirlwind, and we quickly realised the struggles of needing to care for Louie, keep our home life afloat, and somehow manage work commitments. We discovered a glaring gap in available support for parents like us—those grappling with the unique challenges of having a child in the hospital. Determined to make a positive change, we decided to channel our experiences into action.

As we scoured the internet for financial support tailored to parents in similar situations, we were surprised by the lack of resources. This revelation became the spark that ignited Louies Trust. With a touch of optimism and lots of determination, we set out to create an organisation that provides one place where parents can go to get whatever help they need.

We had a clear vision from the start – not just to offer financial and practical support but to consolidate a comprehensive support directory for other charities, all in one accessible place. As we delved into this mission, we began crafting a roadmap inspired by our own experiences.

Reflecting on the challenges, Louie celebrated his first birthday while still in the hospital. Recalling the emotions of that day, we thought about what could have made it more special for us. This is how we created our heartwarming birthday bags – a gesture to bring joy to families celebrating milestones in the hospital.

The idea of parent self-care packs sprouted naturally during those unforeseen hospital visits, often triggered by referrals from A&E or the GP. Many times, we found ourselves arriving with nothing but Louie’s nappy bag in hand. It was during these moments that we recognised the profound impact a few basic toiletries and essentials could have had on our own well-being.

In October 2023, we launched our website, unveiling our mission to make a difference in the lives of families. The outpouring of support we received was truly remarkable! In just a matter of days, our community rallied together, contributing over £1,000.00 to our cause—a totally unexpected and heartwarming surprise. The overwhelming response from our community spurred us into action! With the generous funds we received, we didn't waste a moment. We dove headfirst into spreading holiday cheer to families gearing up for Christmas. From picking out toys to gathering essential supplies, our mission was clear: create magical Christmas Eve boxes and handpick presents for both children and their siblings.

As we brainstormed ways to amplify our impact, we envisioned an event that would not only raise funds but also increase awareness. The result? Our fantastic Games Night, held between Christmas and New Year's—a delightful blend of fun and purpose. Bringing people together for a memorable evening, we not only fostered a sense of community but also successfully raised money.

The response was beyond our expectations, with over 40 tickets sold and a remarkable £410.41 raised during the Games Night. This incredible achievement not only surpassed our initial fundraising goals but also propelled our total donations for 2023 to an astonishing £4,192.00! This success story is a testament to the boundless generosity of our community, family, and friends. Their trust in our vision and unwavering support have been the driving forces behind our accomplishments. We are forever grateful for the kindness and belief that has fuelled our journey so far. 

As we cast our eyes toward the future and dream about the impact we aim to create, we're gearing up to fill our calendar with a lineup of events and fundraisers. These not only keep our cause alive but also play a vital role in spreading awareness about the meaningful work we do. We're always open to welcoming new faces and fresh ideas into our team. Whether you're bubbling with charity event concepts, have creative donation suggestions, or just want to roll up your sleeves and help pack our awesome merchandise, your involvement is more than welcome!

Check out our Get Involved section on the website for a sneak peek at the various ways you can jump on board. And hey, why not take it a step further? Subscribe to our newsletter, hit that follow button on social media, and join us on this incredible journey. It's the perfect way to stay connected, catch all the latest updates, and be a part of the heartwarming story we're weaving together. Ready to dive in? We can't wait to have you on board!

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