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Mission and Values

Who We Are & Our Approach

We're a charitable trust that relies on public donations to operate. We do this by hosting fundraising events such as games nights, partake in local sports events such as The Great North run and collect donations from the public. We also sell merchandise where all proceeds are profited and go towards the items we provide.

We operate on a 90/10 split, with 90% of our funding directly supporting our cause and the remaining 10% is allocated to marketing and awareness. This investment consistently yields returns, ensuring that not only is the initial 10% recouped, but often, it surpasses this amount, propelling us toward our 100% goal in providing essential items.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hospitals in the North East with a variety of gift packages, including birthday bags, essential items for children 🧸 & self-care packs for parents. In the future, we aspire to offer financial grants to families, helping them cover bills and other hospital expenses. Additionally, we serve as a centralised resource hub for parents 📚 offering information on other charities and organisations that provide assistance, allowing families to focus more on their children during tough times. 🌈
Providing Normality

We offer family-engaging activity packages, whether it’s seasonal arts and crafts, messy play, or starting a band, creating memories no family should miss out on.

Events & Fundraisers

In 2024, we plan to set up various sponsored event nights and tackle various sporting events, including the Great North Run, Sunderland Run, and the Three Peaks Challenge. We aim to raise funds for the trust and increase awareness of our message.

Support & Advice

Finding the information you need online and knowing where to get help can be tough. Many sites list charities without explaining what they offer, making it hard to know if they can help in your situation. We’ve made it easier for parents to search for the help they need the most and narrow down their options.

Family Funding

Our current aim is to generate sufficient funds to offer parents small amounts for coffee, lunch, or a new toy for their child. Ultimately, we aspire to provide grants to support parents during extended hospital stays.

What We Do

Our goal is to bring a sense of normalcy to families undergoing hospital treatment, whose lives have been turned upside down. Drawing from our own experiences, we collaborate closely with hospital staff to provide comforting and helpful items.

We cater to both children and parents. Kids receive clean pyjamas, socks, and toys, while parents get essential care packs. Our support directory compiles useful contacts for families in need.

Visit our What We Provide Page for more information.