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About Us

We are the proud parents of a remarkable little boy named Louie, who spent a significant portion of his brief life in the hospital. During these hosptial visits our eyes were opened to the gaps in the NHS and how this impacts families and the staff dedicated to their care.

Our trust was established as a means of extending a helping hand to families facing similar tough times. Beyond providing support, it serves as a heartfelt tribute to Louie, ensuring his memory endures through the promotion of positivity and the sharing of love.


Meet the Team

Addison, our Chair & Director is an invaluable graphic designer and web developer, is instrumental in crafting the visual identity of our organisation. His expertise ensures that our promotional material, social media presence, and merchandise designs are not only visually appealing but also effectively convey our message.

Shannon is our Executive Director who oversees the financial operations of the trust and spearheads our social engagement efforts. This includes sourcing new funding opportunities, fostering partnerships, and securing sponsors. As the primary liaison for hospitals, she ensures seamless communication and addresses any item requests they may have.

"Above all, we are Louie's proud parents and directors of Louie's Trust. Our motivation stems from our personal journey, and creating something positive serves as the most fitting tribute to our son, who continues to be the kindest, smartest, and bravest boy we have ever known." - Shannon & Addison Taylor