Get Involved

Helping Beyond Donations

Joining the mission at Louie's Trust is as easy as lending a helping hand. Your support matters! whether it's your time, skills, or just good vibes. We're all about making a positive impact in our community through local projects, and we value every contribution, big or small. Let's work together to support families during hospital stays.Your involvement means the world to us, in every form it takes! 🌈🤝

Gifting your time is Invaluable

We can't do what we need to do without help from our community. We know life is relentless, but if you have even an hour spare, we would be eternally grateful.
Events and Fundraisers

Join us at, or help us host community events and fundraisers. Your enthusiasm and energy can turn any event into a blast all whilst raising some amazing funding!

Packing and Organising Donations

We often need a hand with organising stock, packaging up our gifts, packs, and other donations to deliver items to the local hospitals. We aim to make donations at the end of each month, usually on a Sunday in the afternoon as this is when the hospitals are at their least busy with clinic appointments.

Change Collectors

For businesses we have change collection pots and other promotional material available free of charge. Get in touch with us to arrange a collection.

Marketing and Distribution

Spreading the word about who we are and what we do is so important to further our reach. We offer marketing materials that can distributed around the local areas for people to read and learn more about us.

Social Ambassador

Spread the word on social media! Become a Louie's Trust ambassador by sharing our mission, events, and success stories with your online community. We are proud of what we do and want the whole world to see it.

Content Creator or Manager

Content creators and managers can play a crucial role in supporting us by leveraging their skills and platforms to raise awareness, engage audiences, and drive donations. Through their engaging content on social media, they can showcase the work we do and amplify our mission statement to inspire action and support.

Workplace Support

Check if your employer has a corporate social responsibility program or offers matching donations for charitable contributions. You might be able to channel some of your workplace resources toward supporting a charity.

Want To Get Involved?

By getting in touch, we can work together to arrange an activity that best suits the current needs of the charity.