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The Manor Bar

OFFICIAL 2024 Supporter

The staff at The Manor Bar are very close to our hearts and generously contributed multiple bottles of alcohol as raffle prizes for our 2023 games night. Additionally, they actively support Louie's Trust by hosting a change collection pot and displaying table tents featuring information about our trust. The Manor Bar has expressed a sincere interest in continuing to support us moving forward, demonstrating their dedication to our cause.

Thank You The Manor Bar

Thank You The Manor Bar

About The Manor Bar

Located in the heart of Sunderland, The Manor Bar offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding with friends. Known for its wide selection of beverages, including expertly crafted cocktails and local brews, the bar ensures a memorable drinking experience for all. Beyond drinks, The Manor Bar hosts events and fundraisers, demonstrating a commitment to community engagement and support for local initiatives. With a focus on sustainability and responsible business practices, it's not just a bar—it's a hub for socialising, entertainment, and making a positive impact in the community.

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